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How Do You Make Holy Water?

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Water is made holy when it is blessed by a priest. After it is blessed, it becomes “Holy Water”. Water and the Bible Water has been important throughout Bible times.  The first book of the Bible, Genesis, speaks of water in the very second verse, “and the earth was without… Read more »

How Can I Lose a Pound a Day?

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How can I lose a pound of surplus weight in a day? That is an interesting question that needs to be broken down a little further.  Everyone wishing to lose weight or begin an exercise program should first have their health checked by their physician. It is important to note that… Read more »

How long is a football field

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How long is a football field? It’s 300 yards but what is you want to know how long is a football field is in feet? Miles? Look below to find out how long it is in different units including thou, cubits, leagues and other fun archaic ancient measurements. How long… Read more »

How cold does it have to be to snow

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Snow is typically associated with colder weather but just how cold does it have to be to snow? You might be thinking that it has to be below freezing (32°F/0°C) but that’s incorrect. It actually can be well above freezing. Snow has been recorded at 52° on 10/27/2015 in Minneapolis/St… Read more »

Virtual Railfan

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Are you a railfan? If you’re railfan and looking for ways to enjoy watching trains in your local area and in areas in other parts of the country and world, this comprehensive list should help. Enjoy this guide to virtual resources to watch trains from the comfort of your home!… Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

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By Gage Hanson Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. The combination of portability, ease of upkeep, monetary investment and gentle learning curve make guitar an instrument of choice for a lot of beginners. However, it is no fun to buy an instrument and not be… Read more »

How To Get Slime Out Of Hair

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By Gage Hanson Slime has officially swept the nation. There’s countless youtube videos on how to make slime. Every toy store is selling buckets of slime. Kids everywhere are making it. It is made from a simple concoction of Borax, baking soda, food coloring and glue. However, this simple recipe… Read more »

How To Stop Eating Sugar

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By Gage Hanson Sugar is everywhere in our modern diets. Soda is filled with it. Sugar coated desserts are offered every dinner. Candy is a common snack. Even Carbohydrates (breads), are sugar in disguise. And unfortunately, sugar is not that healthy for us. Sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and heart… Read more »

Covid-19 Official Information Sources

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The following are links to resources for covid-19 official information sources. These resources are from all 50 states’ official sources of information for the Covid-19 virus. Your main place for information about the covid-19 corona virus should be the CDC’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) site. State’s Official Covid-19 Sites Alabama Alaska Arizona… Read more »

How to read a paper map

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Are Paper maps still a thing? Yes! Imagine a tool that you could hold in the palm of your hand and at a glance see the world around you. Imagine being able to look at detail in all directions and find interesting places to visit. Paper maps can do all… Read more »