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Easy Hikes

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Most people enjoy the outdoors and taking hikes in nature but sometimes you just want to take a leisurely walk and be bothered with long strenuous hikes. For some people who may not be in the greatest physical fitness health they want to get out but are not sure where… Read more »

Runway Markings

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Any pilot needs to understand the markings around an airport, particularly runway markings. It’s important to understand runway markings so that you can avoid sensitive areas and operate according to FAA regulations. Understanding runway markings is important no matter what type of aviator you are. Whether you are a passenger… Read more »

Ship Tracking – American Phoenix

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Ship tracking is a way of tracking ships anywhere in the world. The American Phoenix is a popular vessel to track because it is one of the largest ships sailing under a U.S. flag. Ship Tracking American Phoenix can be done on a number of sites including Vessel Finder,… Read more »

Why is Amtrak so expensive

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Anyone looking at Amtrak’s fares might do a double take, particularly when looking at long distance overnight accommodations. So why is Amtrak so expensive? There are a number of factors to consider starting with the fact that Amtrak needs to cover all of its expenses and receives few subsidies to… Read more »

Soapstone Mountain

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Soapstone Mountain is a mountain in Somers, CT. The summit is 1075′ (328m). It’s located in the 7000+ acre Shenipsit State Forest which is located in the towns of Somers, Stafford and Ellington, CT. It’s a popular spot with the only observation tower in Eastern Connecticut. Although the summit is… Read more »

Snowmobiles for Heavy Riders

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Snowmobiling or sledding is a great activity to get out and explore nature in winter. If you’re a heavy rider, there a few things that you should look for in a sled before you hit the trails. Here are some snowmobiles for heavy riders and a few suggestions of features… Read more »

How to make paper in Minecraft

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Paper is a useful item in Minecraft. Paper can be used to make maps, banners and other useful items. To make paper you need sugarcane. It can also be found in looting chests such as those found in Shipwrecks or Cartographers chests. How to make paper in Minecraft Paper starts… Read more »

How to book cheap hotel rooms

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Hotels are going to be a mainstay of your travels.  There are a lot of different puzzle pieces and everyone is different about what they want in a hotel and hopefully my tips can help you get the best deal on a hotel.  Hotels will charge the highest rates Friday and… Read more »

RV Newbie Buyers Guide

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Are you considering buying an RV but have no idea where to start? This RV Newbie Buyers Guide is designed to help walk someone who have never owned or maybe never even been in an RV into the process of selecting, buying and operating an RV for the first time…. Read more »