Gluten-Free Beer

Beer is typically produced with wheat, barley and rye, all of which contain gluten. For those who live with Celiac Disease these are no-go ingredients than can cause major issue. Fortunately, for those with Celiac disease and enjoy a good beer, there are a number of gluten free beers that can satisfy their thirst. This Gluten Free Beer Guide should help you learn about what gluten free beer is, how it’s made and what are some top choices when it comes to buying a gluten free beer.

Holidaily Brewery is one of the few breweries that produces dedicated gluten-free beer.
Holidaily Brewery is one of the few breweries that produces dedicated gluten-free beer.

Types of Gluten Free Beer

Just as with beer itself, there are several different varieties of beer that fall under the “gluten umbrella”. According to the Brewers Association, there are three categories of beer fall under this umbrella for those with gluten issues. They are Gluten-Reduced, Gluten-Free and Dedicated Gluten-Free beers. Here’s what each type means:

Gluten-Reduced Beer

A product cannot be labelled as gluten-free if it contains more than 20 parts per million of gluten. Since beer is brewed with barley, it contains gluten by its very nature. However, enzymes can be added that reduce the amount of gluten in the beer below the 20 parts per million. Brewers label these beers as “crafted to remove gluten”.

Gluten-Free Beer

A gluten-free beer is one that contains no gluten at all. They utilize ingredients like sorghum or rice syrup, buckwheat, millet and chestnuts to craft these types of beer. Because they contain no gluten that needs to be removed, they can be labelled as gluten-free beers. However, many (if not all) beers in this category are produced on the same equipment as other gluten containing beers. This introduces some risk for those at the highest risk of gluten allergies.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Beer

These beers have the lowest risk of containing any gluten because they are produced in facilities and equipment dedicated to being gluten-free and are not shared with any gluten containing beers.

Gluten Free Beer List

Seclusion IPA from New Planet Brewing
Seclusion IPA from New Planet Brewing

American Craft Brewers are second to none and produce the highest quality beers in the world. Thankfully this includes many gluten-free varieties including the follow.

Gluten-Reduced Beers

Gluten-Free Beer

Dedicated Gluten-Free Beers

The following breweries produce gluten-free beers in dedicated facilities and equipment:

Vanishing Point IPS from Ghostfish Brewing in Seattle is a dedicated gluten-free beer.
Vanishing Point IPA

Gluten-Free Beer at Home

Home brewing is another way to control the ingredients in a brew and allows you to ensure the taste and quality of what you produce. There are a number of kits that help facilitate brewing gluten-free beer at home:

Gluten-free homebrew kit.
A Home Brew Kit can be your ticket to a gluten-free beer