Grilled Scalloped Potatoes

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Quick and easy, these creamy grilled scalloped potatoes are flavorful and colorful! Yield: 

6-8 servings Ingredients: 

3 cups very thinly sliced peeled potatoes*
1 cup very thinly sliced carrots
1 cup thinly sliced onion
3/4 cup mayonnaise, Miracle Whip salad dressing, OR sour cream**
4 ounces (1 cup) shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 tablespoon dried parsley
1 teaspoon salt
dash of pepper Instructions: 

1. Preheat grill (we pre-heat our Weber Q grill on HIGH for 10 minutes). While grill is heating, combine the mayonnaise, cheeses, parsley, salt, and pepper in a large mixing bowl, stirring to mix well. Stir in the potatoes, carrots, and onion, coating with the creamy mixture.

2. Pull out two long pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil (or use a double layer of regular foil if you don’t have heavy-duty foil) — about 20 inches each in length. Spray foil with oil or grease with butter.

3. Spoon potato mixture evenly in the two foil pieces and bring up sides, folding to seal while leaving some air space in the foil if possible. Crimp ends and fold to seal.

4. Grill potato packets at MEDIUM heat for 15 minutes, using the top shelf of the grill (if your grill has a top shelf — ours doesn’t). Turn packets over and grill 15 minutes longer, until potatoes are tender. Serve hot! 🙂

Grilled Scalloped Potatoes
Grilled Scalloped Potatoes

This recipe is from Tammy’s Recipes.


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