Best Ways To Allocate More RAM In Minecraft

Minecraft might look simple enough, but it is one of the most hardware-intensive games out there. You’ll notice how intensive Minecraft can get when you start using different texture packs, shaders, or even basic redstone builds.

Vanilla Minecraft can get stale after playing for so long, so people end up turning to modding. Unfortunately, without the proper amount of RAM, Minecraft will end up stuttering or even crashing. Fortunately, Minecraft makes it pretty easy to allocate more RAM to the application. These are the best ways to allocate more RAM in Minecraft.

allocate more memory to minecraft for better performance.

Allocate More RAM Through A Mod

Minecraft memory settings

If you’re using modpacks then, chances are, you’re using ATLauncher (which itself is a mod). ATLauncher makes it easy to mod the game without having to mess with different folders and installation headaches. ATLauncher also makes it easy to remove packs without messing up the game.

Fortunately, ATLauncher also makes it easy to allocate more RAM in Minecraft. Simply open the ATLauncher app, navigate the settings, click the Java/Minecraft tab, and use the arrows in the “Maximum MemoryRAM field” to adjust how much RAM you want to use.

Allocate More RAM With The Default Launcher

Minecraft launcher memory settings

If you’re not a fan of mods, but Minecraft is still crashing on you merely using the vanilla game, you can allocate more RAM directly through the default launcher. Often, people don’t play around in the default launcher. They think everything is good to go, click play, and start exploring. However, the default launcher can help solve a lot of technical issues you may be having in Minecraft.

To allocate more RAM using the default launcher, you simply open the launcher first. After that, you navigate your way to “installations” along the top, hover over the most recent version of the game, click to expand on the right side where you will see an option to “edit.” Once you’re on the edit installation screen, you’ll see “JVM arguments” at the bottom. The code might look confusing, but you’d simply need to change the “2” in the code to however much RAM you want Minecraft to use.

Hopefully, these tips will help you until you’re able to purchase more RAM for your system.

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