Cutting the cord

This is a new section on LincOn and hope this guide/information will be helpful to folks who are looking to cut the cable cord and joining the millions who have expanded (not limited!) their viewing choices.

Cutting the cord should not be a daunting task or that complicated. In this space we will discuss what cutting the cord is, how to continue to view all of the programs that you are used to watching and more. This guide will focus on using a tool called Plex to cut the cord.

Introduction | What is Plex? | Configuring Plex | Adding content to Plex | Advanced Stuff


Are you one the millions of people that have noticed your high cable bill and are finally cutting the cord?  If so, this book is for you.  I cut the cord nearly 10 years ago and haven’t looked back.  In that time I’ve saved nearly $10,000 and given myself more programming options than I could have imagined.  How do I get more with less you ask?  That’s what this book is all about.

I do a lot of “techie” things with my cord cutting but the core of what I do is utilize tools that are currently available and make them work for me.  I’ll leave a lot of the technical stuff and focus on a step by step guide to cutting the cord in 2019 and how to use Plex as a tool to do do so.

Please Note: Plex, the Plex Play logo and Plex Media Server are trademarks of Plex.  The author is NOT associated with Plex in any way other than being a user and sharing information about how to cut the cord and use Plex in the process.

You might be asking – what is Plex?  Plex is software that is a free download that will run on a number of platforms.  It can take all of your local media – CD’s, DVD’s (TV Shows or Movies), Photos and much, much more and organize it in a way that you can use your TV to browse through all of this content, just like you do with other services.

Plex is just the tool that will organize everything but you’ll need some other tools to feed that content to Plex like a tuner and services that extend the tuner beyond local stations to record programs.  You’ll make use of utilities that will remove commercials from aucasinosonline your recordings and others that will allow you to copy your DVD’s or any DVD’s like DVD’s of TV shows that you can’t find.  We’ll even show you other tools that will allow you to copy your music CD’s or scan pictures and make those libraries available on Plex.

This guide will take you through the process of what steps you’ll need to take before you cut the cord and what you can do to still enjoy the programming that you used to watching or listening too.  It does take a little bit of work but the final result is all the savings that you will enjoy and all the additional programming that you will add and be available to you regardless of whether your Internet is up and you’ll have programming when everyone else does not.