Easy Minecraft Build Ideas

Are you looking for some easy Minecraft build ideas? Look no further! Scroll through some of these suggestions for designs that are easy to build in Minecraft. They are great beginner Minecraft build ideas. If you have any suggestions, please send them to us at dbroer@lincon.com and we can possibly feature them here! These simple Minecraft build ideas are part of our guides available on LincOn.com.

Here’s a small homestead and farm that you can easily build in Minecraft. A house with a glass wall was built to allow you look out of the house into the river valley. The homestead includes a pool, a barn with a loft and pens for animals that complete the scene.

A simple homestead that can easily be built in Minecraft.

Here’s a little close-up of the barn and animal pens on the homestead. Red wool was used to build the walls. A loft was added and the side walls open up to outside pens for the animals.

A close-up of the barn and animal pens on the Minecraft homestead.

The inside of the barn. Here you can see the stone floor and the individual pens for all the different Minecraft animals!

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