Hiking Gear for Plus-sized hikers

Do you love the outdoors and spending time hiking but have trouble finding gear to fit your larger frame? This guide is for you! This is a comprehensive list of Hiking Gear for Plus-sized hikers. Whether you are 300, 350 or 400lbs, I hope this list will help you find the gear that you need to get out there and enjoy nature. We have several guides for larger people so in addition to hiking gear, be sure to check out our ebike’s for heavy/overweight riders guide as another way to get outdoors!

Whenever possible, I try to link to gear that is NOT made in China to try and keep quality up.

Hiking gear needed for larger hikers

Most hiking gear does not need to be specialized for larger obese or heavy hikers. For example, you don’t need a special canteen or hydration system just because you’re a larger plus sized hiker. This guide focuses on equipment like clothing, backpacks, chairs, etc.

Hiking boots for plus-size hikers

Many larger people have wide feet or calfs and it can be tricky to find good hiking boots that accommodate plus-size hikers. Here are some hiking boots for people with wide feet or calfs.

Danner Crag Rat Boot
Danner Crag Rat Boot

Danner Boots

Danner Boots are Made in the U.S.A and are a high quality choice for hikers. They are built solid and will handle the roughest terrain. Some of the best options include the Danner Crag Rat (pictured), the Mountain Light and the Light II but they have many different styles to choose from with wide widths for both men and women.

KEEN Durand II
The KEEN Durand II boot is available in wide widths

KEEN Boots

KEEN is another American shoe manufacturer that makes several wide width hiking boots. These boots feature a rugged design that will give your foot and ankle the support they need regardless of the terrain that you may traverse. KEEN options include the Durand II (pictured).

Chippewa Modoc boot
The Chippewa Modoc Boot

Chippewa Modoc

The Chippewa Modoc is made in the U.S.A. This sturdy boot comes in wide widths and provides a sturdy base for any plus-sized hiker. This classic hiking boot provides comfort and great classic looks for larger hikers needing a wide width booth.

Performance Clothing for larger hikers

In addition to footwear, it can sometimes be hard to find plus-size clothing for better performance when out in nature. Performance gear can help keep you warm and cool so you can keep going further. The following companies sell larger sizes for plus-sized outdoor enthusiasts.

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most iconic outdoor performance clothing brands. The company started out as a supplier of clothing for elite expeditions and the quality of their products was sought after around the world. Today the company supplies everything from jackets, pants and other accessories. The North Face has what it calls “extended sizes” for big and tall outdoor enthusiasts. Some items have sizes up to 4XL which will fit customers up to 400lbs.

The North Face’s Resolve jacket is available in extended sizes

The Resolve jacket is among The North Face’s offerings in jackets that provide protection from the weather and are available in extended sizes for plus size hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The North Face Arrowood Jacket

For colder weather, The North Face offers the Arrowood jacket in extended sizes. This one is only available up to 3XL which will cover most larger hikers or outdoor enthusiasts. It comes with a waterproof shell and an inside fleece component sure to keep you warm.

The North Face also has their 90s style Nuptse down jacket and Denali fleece jacket available for plus-size outdoor enthusiasts.


Columbia has a complete line-up of clothing and footwear for larger individuals. Many of it is imported but sizes range up to 5XLT so plus sized outdoor enthusiasts looking to take a hike will find something to keep them warm or cool. Here is some of the performance gear that Columbia has for larger hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Columbia Tryon Trail Shell

The Columbia Tryon Trail shell jacket is available in sizes up to 5XLT so it will fit the largest plus size hiker. The jacket can be layered to provide a warmer substitute in the colder months.

You can pair the jacket with a rain pant (also available up to size 5XL) and stay dry while you out out in the outdoors.

Columbia Basin Trail Full Fleece
Columbia Basin Trail Full Fleece

Another option to pair the shell with or to wear it on its own is a fleece jacket. The Basin Trail Full Fleece is such a choice and is available in sizes up to 5XL.

The Columbia Tech Trail Crew Neck
The Columbia Tech Trail Crew Neck

The Columbia Tech Trail Crew Neck is designed to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you cooler going down the trail. It also provides UV and sunscreen protection. It can be warn as a base layer or your main shirt when going for a hike. It’s available in sizes up to 6XL.

Columbia Silver Ridge II Stretch Pant
The Columbia Silver Ridge II Stretch Pant

The Columbia Silver Ridge II Stretch Pant is another performance layer to add to your outdoor gear arsenal. Like the shirt above, it provides UV and sunscreen protection. Articulated knees provide for flexibility and comfort. They are available in sizes up to a 54 waist.

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse is another brand that carries outdoor gear for plus-size or larger hikers. They provide lots of performance wear options at very reasonable prices. While a lot of their offerings are imported, they are worth a look based on their low cost.

Mountain Warehouse Endurance T-Shirt
Mountain Warehouse Endurance T-Shirt

The Mountain Warehouse Endurance T-shirt provides UV and SPF protection as well as helping keep you dry and cool thanks to their Isocool technology. By wicking sweat away from your body it helps keep you cool so you can stay out longer.

Brisk Extreme Mens Waterproof Jacket

In addition to performance wear, Mountain Warehouse sells outer wear for plus-size hikers such as the Brisk Extreme Mens Waterproof Jacket. This jacket is fully breathable and features pit zips for extra ventilation where it counts if you know what I mean! It is available up to size 4XL.

The Mountain Warehouse Idris Full zip Fleece Jacket

An interesting addition to the outerwear options mentioned here, Mountain Warehouse has a line of full zip fleece jackets such as the Idris full zip fleece jacket. It’s available in sizes up to 4XL and is lightweight and breathable to make your journey down the trail more comfortable.

Performance Gear for Plus-size Hikers

We’ve covered footwear and performance clothing for larger hikers but what about gear? While larger hikers don’t need larger canteens or cookware, it is helpful to have backpacks, trekking poles and potentially sleeping bags designed for larger outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some suggestions for specialized gear for hiking for plus-sized hikers.

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

For trekking poles I can’t recommend the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles enough. These lightweight poles are made of aluminum and will give you the support you need and help save wear and tear on your knees. An alternative would be the Foxelli Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles.

Teton Sports Explorer 4000 backpack for larger hikers.
Teton Sports Explorer 4000

Being properly equipped for a longer hike means having the equipment that will keep you safe. Ergonomics is important and having a properly fitting backpack is just as important as having a good pair of boots. This means having a too small backpack can also affect your balance and body’s musculoskeletal system. One larger backpack models include the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 which has a waist belt that fits up to 72″ and fits torsos up to 23″ so taller and larger backpackers.

Teton Sports XXL Sleeping Bag
Teton Sports XXL Sleeping Bag

Most hikers also like to camp in the back country at some point so it’s important to have the proper gear with you for shelter and warmth. While plus-size hikers don’t need a larger tent, having a larger sleeping bag is helpful to most of us to stay warm. Most sleeping bags for backpacking are made smaller and lighter but there are a few that are made wider and taller and for larger hikers. These include the Teton Sports XXL Sleeping Bag which will keep you warm down to 0 degrees. The bag is nearly 40″ wide which provide comfort to largest backpacker.


I hope this guide has helped plus-size hikers and outdoor enthusiasts find the gear that they are looking for or at least some direction on what to look for – Hiking Gear for Plus-sized hikers. This guide is part of a series of guides for larger or overweight persons looking for gear to get out and enjoy nature. Guides include eBikes for Heavier/Overweight Riders and RV’s for Larger People. If you have anything that you thing we should include in this guide, please email me at dbroer@lincon.com for consideration.