How Can I Lose a Pound a Day?

How can I lose a pound of surplus weight in a day? That is an interesting question that needs to be broken down a little further.  Everyone wishing to lose weight or begin an exercise program should first have their health checked by their physician.

Burning Calories is the key to losing a pound a day
Burning Calories

It is important to note that the current health and fitness of an individual will determine the amount of calories used throughout the day and during exercise.   An individual with excess weight uses more energy doing the same motion as a lighter and more fit individual. 

Did you know that a pound of fat equals 3500 calories? You have to consume 3500 extra calories above and beyond the approximately 2000 calories the average adult uses per day in order to add a pound of fat to your body.  A few weeks of consuming more calories than your body needs, and pretty quickly you will begin to feel the pounds adding to your body.  Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body uses calories doing all those involuntary actions your body does naturally.  So that means all the calories necessary for pumping your heart, restoring cells, inhaling and exhaling.  In order to lose weight, you have to move and bring in fewer calories than your body uses daily (your metabolism). 

Lose a Pound a Day

Remember that you must eat, even when you are losing weight.  Starving yourself of caloric intake can be harmful and cause health problems. 

In order to lose a pound in a day, you will need to find the right combination of diet and exercise.  Below are weight loss recommendations that might help you lose a pound a day.

1. Curb Your Desire for Food

Ask your physician if she recommends using a hunger suppressant.  One such suppressant is called Leanbean

2. Consume healthy protein throughout the day.

3. Stay away from sugar.

Cut simple carbs (white bread, pastas, baked goods, sugar-added beverages etc) from your diet.

4. Eat smaller and more frequent meals.

Consuming protein along with vegetables and fruit regularly during the day will help to make you feel full and decrease your appetite for those fat loving simple carbs.   

Shoveling dirt and other strenuous work can help in losing weight.
Strenuous work can aid in burning calories

5.  Exercise.

Losing a pound a day is going to mean doing strenuous physical work.  You will need to do a substantial exercise, such as cross-country running or arduous manual labor, such as digging fence post holes or shoveling snow.  This kind of demanding physical exertion  will use additional calories.

6. Check your stress level.

Excess stress can contribute to weight gain.  Some helpful activities that will help reduce your stress would include meditation, walking outdoors, yoga and deep breathing.  If you have extra stressors in your life, try talking to a mental health professional.  There are many underlying mental health factors that contribute to consuming too many calories. 

7. Eat several servings of fish every week.

Fish contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help improve your body’s fat-burning ability.


We wish you the very best as you strive to become more fit and healthy.  Be sure you speak with your physician before undertaking any weight loss or new diet & exercise regiment.