How To Make And Repair A Fishing Rod In Minecraft

Fishing in Minecraft has changed so much over the years, but it is still one of the best ways to gather food when there aren’t reliable sources of meat nearby. There will always be bodies of water in Minecraft. Even if you’re stuck in a seemingly endless desert biome, there’s bound to be a small body of water or two. When you stumble upon water and notice your food bar getting low, it’s time to whip out a fishing rod and practice patience, but how do you make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

Minecraft fishing pole

How To Make A Fishing Rod

If you want to make a fishing rod in Minecraft, you will have to get three sticks and two strings. That might sound easy enough, but facing spiders might feel like a daunting task if you’re still at the beginning of the game.

Crafting a fishing rod in Minecraft

Fortunately, you usually come out of a death battle with an annoying jumping spider with a string. Hopefully, you survive spider encounters long enough to get the necessary number of string you need. Take the sticks and put one in the last block of the first row, the second block of the second row, and the first block of the third row. You would then put a string in the third block of the second row and the third block of the third row. However, like other tools, your fishing rod will lose durability after multiple uses.

How To Repair A Fishing Rod

Repairing a fishing rod in Minecraft

Repairing a fishing rod in Minecraft is as easy as repairing any other tool in Minecraft. If you have multiple fishing rods, you open up the crafting table or a grindstone. Place one fishing rod next to the other, and it will repair based on the durability of both items combined.

It’s a great way to repair a fishing rod if you don’t want to have to keep slaughtering spiders just to keep your inventory of fish up.

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