Unlimited* Mobile or Home Internet for $40/mo

Are you some who is tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month just for basic Internet service? Some cable companies charge $70, $80, $90 or more a month. They then make ridiculous claims of high speed service as if you need it. I’m here to show you how you can get unlimited* mobile or home Internet for $40/mo.

What unlimited really means

I have to qualify unlimited* with an asterisk because every company, even cable companies put limits on your Internet access. They limit how much data you can transfer and I didn’t want someone to think that I was saying something that didn’t exist. The limiting factor is that after 70GB’s you *MIGHT* have your speed slowed down if a lot of people are using the tower that you connect to. However, that happens even with cable Internet and most cell phone plans regardless of how “unlimited” they claim to be.

Also, the speed seems to be capped at 5MB/s. This is plenty fast enough for general Web browsing, game play and streaming 1080P HD video to your TV. I know the cable companies make it sound like you need “Gigabit” Internet just to watch TV and browse the Web but you really don’t. For 95% of the population this would be more than enough.

One other caveat. This is going to involve tweaking settings on a phone and in a wireless router. If you are not comfortable doing that, this guide might not be best for you. For folks like that, you might want to consider a Verizon unlimited* plan that is one stop package. It’s is $75 a month though once you consider taxes and fees.

Other thoughts…

This setup uses Verizon’s network without charging Verizon’s rates and would be great for home users as well as full-time RVer’s or those RVers just going away for a weekend in their RV and needing to stay connected to the Internet.

I also want to mention that I am not an affiliate nor representative of any of the companies mentioned so I do not get a kickback. I’m just here to help folks as I have for 25 years.

Still Interested?

If you’re still interested, click below and I’ll walk you through what devices you’ll need and how to configure them for your setup and have unlimited* mobile or home Internet for $40/mo

Click Here for Instructions on how to configure your unlimited mobile or home Internet for $40/mo