Ship Tracking – American Phoenix

Ship tracking is a way of tracking ships anywhere in the world. The American Phoenix is a popular vessel to track because it is one of the largest ships sailing under a U.S. flag. Ship Tracking American Phoenix can be done on a number of sites including Vessel Finder, and others. Here’s the latest position courtesy of Vessel Finder:

The American Phoenix is an apt name because this tank ship started as Jones Act tanker (see below) but Shell abandoned the project. Years later it was resurrected and “Phoenix” once again rose from the ashes.

What is the Jones Act

The American Phoenix is a vessel built under the guise of the Jones Act. The Jones act was passed in 1920 and requires that all vessels carrying traffic between American ports need to owned and crewed by Americans and the ship needed to have been built in the U.S. This protects the U.S. Maritime industry and vessels like the American Phoenix are proof of that.

American Phoenix

About the American Phoenix

As mentioned above, the American Phoenix was a ship whose construction was started by Shell Oil but the project was later abandoned. The tanker project was later resumed. At the time of launching in 2012 it was the largest ship ever launched in Alabama. It features twin engines, individual crew quarters and meets all engineering standards for vessels of its type.

Ship Tracking

Ship tracking ships like the American Phoenix is made easy by only tools that receive location information from hundreds of thousands of vessels on waterways across the globe. Ship tracking American Phoenix can be done via Websites that relay this information. These ship tracking sites include:

These sites let you see all shipping traffic on waterways around the world. This includes commercial and private vessels. The map below is a live tracking map of shipping around the United States. Use the interactive map to track vessels like the American Phoenix:

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