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What Is A Waterlogged Toolbox In World of Warcraft?

In the second big content patch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft, the waterlogged toolbox was added. It can only be purchased by a secretive (but friendly) Murloc in World of Warcraft.

What Is A Waterlogged Toolbox In World of Warcraft

Of course, like any mysterious new NPC, you’ll have to do something for Mrrl first before you can access his goods. Unfortunately, when you find Mrrl, he isn’t in the best of shape, and you need to escort him to the safety of his lair in a quest called “A Safer Place,” with his other friendly Murlocs. It’s a relatively easy mission as there is very little danger to him. If anything, he should be escorting you as you’re the one who can die while escorting Mrrl, but he simply respawns if you happen to be bad at escorting missions.

Once you’ve helped him out, then he’ll make himself available to you as a vendor. However, you will have to purchase common items from his Murloc friend Hurlgrl, Flgrrl, Grrmrlg, and Mrrglrlr. Try saying those names five times fast.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. If you want to grab a waterlogged toolbox, you would need to have access to the Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape. It might give some decent critical strike and haste at L120, but you’re wanting it to have access to the Murloc traders’ special stocks when it is equipped. Once you have access to Mrrl’s special item table, you can see the Waterlogged Toolbox, but what does it give when you open it?

Opening a Waterlogged Toolbox from Mrrl gives you access to various Nazjatar items like a chum, but if you already have one of those items in your inventory, you won’t open the box. If you already have the item, then you’ll receive a, “You can’t do that right now,” message.

Just make sure you purchase items from all of Mrrl’s friends before letting you buy the Waterlogged Toolbox.

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