Connecticut National Parks

Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley NHC
Park brochure for Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley NHC Synopsis: Park works with local governments to help preserve “the last green valley” in the Boston-to-Washington megalopolis. Historic sites include the Nathan Hale Homested and many wonderful small villages on towns, including Union. Also includes SR 169, a national scenic byway.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained at the Prudence Crandall Museum (an early school for young black women) at the intersection of SR 14 & 169 in Cantebury and at the Lebanon Historical Society Museum on SR 87 just north of Lebanon. May also be available at park headquarters at 107 Providence St in Putnam. Call 860.963.7226 for more information. See also Massachusetts for an additional stamp location.
Park stamp for Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley NHC
Weir Farm NHS
Park brochure for Weir Farm
Park Map
Synopsis: Site preserves former artists home and open space. Opinion: In my experience of visiting nearly all of the park service sites, this is the only one I have come across that makes it difficult to get to the site.
Stamp Location: At the information desk inside the home. Signage and other information is spotty at best. To actually get here, take SR 102 off US 7 and turn left after 0.3 miles on Old Branchville Road, turn left at the first left (Nod Hill Rd) and follow until you see the parking area for the site on the left (#735). The site is located in Wilton, but you travel through Ridgefield to get there. There are very few signs and the ones that do exist are very small. The site discourages RVs and other large vehicles (common among park visitors) from travelling through the wealthy neighborhoods to get to the site.
Park stamp for Weir Farm NHS