Florida National Parks

Big Cypress NPres
Park brochure for Big Cypress NPres
Park Map
Synopsis: Ecological preserve protecting northern Everglades areas not protected by Everglades NP.
Stamp Location: Visitor center located about 15 miles west of Shark Valley VC (Everglades NP) on US 41 (the Tamiami Trail).
Park stamp for Big Cypress NPres
Biscayne NP
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Synopsis: Ecological preserve including the largest mangrove forest in eastern FL, and a living coral reef.
Stamp Location: Convoy Point Visitor Center is located at the end of SW 328 St, east of Homestead, right on the bay.
Park stamp for Biscayne NP
Canaveral NS
Park brochure for Canaveral NS
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Synopsis: Protects rare undeveloped portion of Florida’s east coast.
Stamp Location: Stamp can be obtained at the visitor information center located on A1A south of New Smyrna Beach, the entrance and fee Station for Playalinda Beach, the former Inn called the State House in the former community of Eldora (at the end of the road to the right past the VC in New Smyrna Beach) and at park headquarters in Titusville (near US 1).
Park stamp for Canaveral NS
Castillo de San Marcos NM
Park brochure for Castillo de San Marcos NM Synopsis: Historical fort built originally by Spanish to protect North America’s oldest city through the 1930s.
Stamp Location: Bookstore located to the right as you enter the parade grounds of the fort. The Castillo is located on A1A in downtown St. Augustine.
Park stamp for Castillo de San Marcos NM
De Soto NM
Park brochure for De Soto NM
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Synopsis: Historic site commemorates the landing of De Soto in Florida. Site is an approximate place of his landing, and not the actual landing site.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in visitor center at the memorial, at the end of 75th St. W off SR 64 in Bradenton.
Park stamp for De Soto NM
Dry Tortugas NP
Park brochure for Dry Tortugas NP
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Synopsis: Park protects former Fort Jefferson (the largest brick structure in the world) and pristine coral reefs and abundant wildlife. Your tour stop will allow enough time for snorkeling and soaking in this remote island group as well as a tour of the legandary Fort.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located at the fort’s small bookstore, to the right as you enter the parade grounds inside the fort. To get there, you’ll need to take a tour boat from Key West, as the Tortugas lie about 75 miles west of there.
Park stamp for Dry Tortugas NP
Everglades NP
Park brochure for Everglades NP
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Synopsis: The only tropical preserve in North America contains a rich abundance of wildlife, including the only place in the world where aligators and crocodiles exist side by side. Also known as ‘The River of Grass’ due to the 80 mile wide movement of water south from Lake Okachobee.
Stamp Location: Multiple visitor centers include the Main VC on SR 9336 west of Homestead, the Royal Palm VC just west of the Main VC, and the Flamingo VC at the end of the road (38 miles). There are also visitor centers on off US 41 (Tamiami Trail) including the Shark Valley VC, 40 miles west of Miami, and the Gulf Coast VC on SR 29 near Everglades City. May also be available at Key Largo ranger station (mm 98.5).
Park stamp for Everglades NP
Fort Caroline NM
Park brochure for Fort Caroline NM
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Synopsis: Site memorializes Frances attempt at a permanate colony in Florida in 1564.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the fort’s visitor center located at 12713 Ft. Caroline Rd in Jacksonville. See official site (in-depth pages) for specific directions. Its not located near any state routes.
Park stamp for Fort Caroline NM
Fort Matanzas NM
Park brochure for Fort Matanzas NM
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Synopsis: Park preserves fort that protected the southern entrance to St Augustine on the Matanzas River. The fort is only reachable via ferry from the visitor center. The park also protects undeveloped beach areas, along with a beach ramp so you can drive your car on the beach.
Stamp Location: Stamp is kept at the visitor center on the banks of the river, off A1A south of St Augustine.
Park stamp for Fort Matanzas NM
Gulf Islands NS
Park brochure for Gulf Islands NS
Park Map
Synopsis: Protects undeveloped islands in the Gulf over 150 miles.
Stamp Location: Multiple locations, including: the park headquarters VC on US 98 south of Pensacola, the Fort Barrancas VC on Talor Rd within the Pensacola Naval Air Station south of Warrington, the Fort Pickens VC at the end of Fort Pickens Rd (take US 98 south to Gulf Breeze, then SR 399 to Pensacola Beach and turn right) and at Rosamond Johnson Beach (Perdido Key). There is a ranger station at Santa Rosa (on SR 399) and which may also have a stamp. Ask at one of the visitor centers for more information. See also Mississippi for addition locations.
Park stamp for Gulf Islands NS
Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve
Park brochure not obtained yet
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects one of the last unspoiled coastal wetlands on the Atlantic Coast and preserves historic and prehistoric sites within the area.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the shared Fort Caroline/Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve VC (See separate listing) and at Kingsley Plantation VC at 11676 Palmeto Ave in Jacksonville. See in-depth section of the official site for detailed directions.
Park stamp for Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve