South Carolina National Parks

Charles Pinckney NHS
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Synopsis: Site preserves memory of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. His home no longer exists (he did not actually live on this plantation, just owned it) and is surrounded by wealthy homes and golf courses.
Stamp Location: House (the only one on the site) on Long Point Rd of US 17 north of Charleston. Turn right as you enter the home.
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Congaree Swamp NM
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Synopsis: Ecological preserve, not really a swamp, but the largest intact old growth bottom land forest in the U.S., as well as some of the tallest trees and highest canopy in the world. Boardwalk provides easy access around forest. Note: This park was formally known as Congaree Swamp NM.
Stamp Location: At the information desk inside the visitor center that is located off SR 734, off SR 48 near Gadsden.
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Cowpens NB
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Synopsis: Battlefield commemorates decisive battle that turned the Independence War in the south.
Stamp Location: Visitor center is located off SR 11 north of Cowpens.
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Fort Moultrie NM
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Synopsis: Part of Fort Sumpter NM, this separate NM preserves the fort used for harbor defense from the time of first settlement till the end of WWII.
Stamp Location: Visitor center across the street from the fort, and can be reached by taking SR 703 to Sullivans Island from US 17, turning right on Middle St and following down to the fort.
Park stamp for Fort Moultrie NM
Fort Sumter NM
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Synopsis: Historic fort was the site of the start of the Civil War. Only one story of the three story fort remains, and the giant black structure in the middle of it was built in WWII.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained in the bookstore on the second floor inside the fort. To get there, you need to take a boat from either City Marina on Lockwood Dr (just south of US 17) in Charleston or Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant. Parking is available at the marina. The trip takes 2 1/4 hours. Contact Fort Sumter Tours. Another stamp is at the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center, located adjacent to Liberty Square at the corner of Concord and Calhoun Streets in Charleston.
Park stamp for Fort Sumter NM
Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Historic Camden is a 98 plus acre outdoor museum complex and affiliated area of the National Park Service.
Stamp Location: Headquarters is located at 222 Broad St in Camden and the site is off US 521.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Kings Mountain NMP
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Synopsis: Park commemorates pivital revolutionary war battle in the southern campaign. Scenic area as well.
Stamp Location: The visitor center is located along SR 26 (exit 2 off I-85 in NC) near Blacksburg by the NC state line.
Park stamp for Kings Mountain NMP
Liberty Square NHS
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park is part of Fort Sumpter, with an education center on the area.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center, located adjacent to Liberty Square at the corner of Concord and Calhoun Streets in Charleston.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Ninety Six NHS
Park brochure for Ninety Six NHS
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Synopsis: Site protects early settlement place of traders and the first land battle south of New England during the revolution. Name derived mistakenly from number of miles thought to nearest Cherokee camp.
Stamp Location: Stamp is in the visitor center just off SR 248 south of present day town of Ninety Six.
Park stamp for Ninety Six NHS
Overmountain Victory NHT
Park brochure for Overmountain Victory NHT Synopsis: Auto trail follows historic sites from Tennessee to South Carolina commemorating Revolutionary War patriots.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained at Cowpens NB or Kings Mountain NMP. See also North Carolina and Tennessee for an additional stamp locations.
Park stamp for Overmountain Victory NHT