South Dakota National Parks

Badlands NP
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Synopsis: Geological park of colorful rock formations surrounded by prarie.
Stamp Location: Ben Reifel Visitor Center on SR 240 just south of exit 131 on I-90 & White River Visitor Center on SR 27 south of Scenic (open seasonally).
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Jewel Cave NM
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Synopsis: Park protects third largest cave in the world that contains a wide variety of speleothems including stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, frostwork, flowstone, boxwork and hydromagnesite balloons.
Stamp Location: The visitor center located just south of US 16, west of Custer.
Park stamp for Jewel Cave NM
Lewis & Clark NHT
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Synopsis: Trail follows the route of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1804 from St Louis to Pacific Ocean.
Stamp Location: Sites in South Dakota which have the stamp: Missouri River NRR, the Lewis & Clark Information Center I-90 near exit 265, the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre and at the Fort Randall Dam on the Missouri River. See separate listing for directions. See also Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska for additional stamping locations. Read this listing for a complete list of other VC’s along the trail.
Park stamp for Lewis & Clark NHT
Minuteman Missle NHS
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Synopsis: Site preserves a former missle silo and tells the story of the Cold War.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained from the site office located at I-90, exit 131. Reservations are needed to tour the silo sites, so please arrange them before you leave.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Missouri River NRR
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Synopsis: The river’s role in the settlement of the Great Plains is celebrated in two free-flowing reaches along the Nebraska-South Dakota border
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center 402.667.5530 by the Gavins Point Dam near Yankton and at the Fort Randall Dam. See also Nebraska for an additional stamp location.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Mount Rushmore NM
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Synopsis: Large memorial carved out of rock in the Black Hills.
Stamp Location: The stamp is located in the visitor center on SR 244 west of Keystone. You must pay to park in the garage below the monument to get to the visitor center.
Park stamp for Mount Rushmore NM
Wind Cave NP
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Synopsis: Park protects nearly 30,000 acres of natural prarie lands with all its flora and fauna, as well as one of longest caves in the world. Cave features many unusual formations including Boxwork (resembles honeycomb).
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in the visitor center just off US 385 about 10 miles north of Hot Springs.
Park stamp for Wind Cave NP