Washington National Parks

Ebey’s Landing NHR
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park provides a vivid historical record of Pacific Northwest history, including the first exploration of Puget Sound and early settlement.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the Historical Museum 908 NW Alexander St in Coupville, at the Coupeville Town Hall 4 NE 7th St. and the island VC at 107 S. Main St Thu-Sun.
Park stamp for Ebey's Landing NHR
Fort Vancouver NHS
Park brochure for Fort Vancouver NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Site comemorates the fur trading days and preserves the headquarters for the Hudson’s Bay Company’s immense western region.
Stamp Location: The stamp is located in the visitor center and General O.O. Howard Home in Vancouver. To get there from I-5, take the Mill Plain exit and head east. Turn south onto Fort Vancouver Way. At the traffic circle, go east on Evergreen Boulevard and follow signs to the visitor center.
Park stamp for Fort Vancouver NHS
Klondike Gold Rush NHP – Seattle Unit
Park brochure for Klondike Gold Rush NHP - Seattle Unit Synopsis: Park preserves and tells the story of historic district in Seattle that was inundated with gold rushers bound for Alaska.
Stamp Location: The units’ visitor center is located in the Union Trust Annex, 117 So Main St in Seattle. See also Alaska for the Skagway Unit
Park stamp Klondike Gold Rush NHP (Seattle)
Lake Chelan NRA
Park brochure for Lake Chelan NRA
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects a portion of fjordlike Lake Chelan and adjoins North Cascades NP.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained in the rec. area at the Golden West VC in Stehekin (accessible only by boat), the ranger station in Chelan, the North Cascades NP Headquarters and at the North Cascades VC in Newhalem.
Park stamp for Lake Chelan NRA
Lake Roosevelt NRA
Park brochure for Lake Roosevelt NRA
Park Map
Synopsis: Park provides recreation opportunites along the lake created by Coulee Dam, the largest concrete structure in the world.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the Grand Coulee Dam VC (its behind the desk and you have to ask for or its in the bookstore, at the park headquarters in Coulee Dam, the Fort Spokane VC on SR 25 22 miles north of Davenport. Its also available at the Kettle Falls ranger station off SR 25 south of Kettle Falls.
Park stamp for Lake Roosevelt NRA
Lewis & Clark NHT
Park brochure for Lewis & Clark NHT
Park Map
Synopsis: Trail follows the route of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1804 from St Louis to Pacific Ocean.
Stamp Location: NPS sites in Washington which have the stamp: Fort Vancouver NHS. See separate listing for directions. See also South Dakota, Illinois, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska for additional NPS stamping locations. Read this listing for a complete list of other VC’s (non-NPS) along the trail.
Park stamp for Lewis & Clark NHT
Mount Rainier NP
Park brochure for Mount Rainier NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects massive mountain (a volcano) which rises dramatically along the Cascade Range. Very Scenic. Visable from most of the western portion of the state.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be aquired at the Longmire Museum, in Paradise (the earthly one) at the Henry M Jackson Memorial VC along SR 706 (both inside the park), at the Ohanapecosh VC in the southeast corner of the park on SR 123, at the Sunrise VC at the end of the road off SR 410, at the Wilderness Information Center, at the Carbon River & Wilkeson Ranger Stations and at park headquarters in Ashford.
Park stamp for Mount Rainier NP
North Cascades NP
Park brochure for North Cascades NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects over 500,000 aces of some of America’s most beautiful scenery – jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls and over 300 glaciers. The Thunder Creek (and campground about 2 miles from the trail head) trail starting in the Colonial Creek Campground is scenic and will actually take you into the park.
Stamp Location: The stamp may be obtained in the parks visitor center, between the north and south units in Newhalem off SR 20, at the park headquarters in Sedro-Woolley, at the Wilderness Information Center one mile north of SR 20 in Marblemount, the Chelan ranger station and the Golden West VC in Stehekin (accessable only by boat). The stamp may also be obtained at the Glacier Public Service Center (located in the town of Glacier) on SR 542. A NPS employee in on-hand durin the summer months. A visitor center is also maintained at Heather Meadows at the end of SR 542, but it is unknown if a stamp is kept at that location at this time.
Park stamp for North Cascades NP
Olympic NP
Park brochure for Olympic NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves diverse ecologies including rugged coasts, temperate rain forests, and rugged glaciated mountains.
Stamp Location: Multiple locations including the Port Angeles VC, the Port Angeles Wilderness Information Center, Olympic National Park VC and park headquarters just north of Port Angeles, the Hurricane Ridge VC, the Staircase ranger station, the Quinault Rain Forest ranger station, the Kalaloch Information Station, the Hoh Rain Forest VC, the Ozette ranger station, the Storm King Information Station, and the Eagle, Elwha, Forks, Hoosdport & Mora ranger stations all along or off US 101 which rings around the peninsula.
Park stamp for Olympic NP
Oregon NHT
Park brochure for Oregon NHT Synopsis: Preserves and interprets historic path of emigrants to Oregon and the Northwest.
Stamp Location: Stamp locations in Washington: Fort Vancouver NHS and Whitman Mission NHS. See also Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, and Missouri for additional stamp locations.
Park stamp for Oregon NHT
Ross Lake NRA
Park brochure not obtained yet
Park Map
Synopsis: Recreation area divides North Cascades NP beween North and South units.
Stamp Location: The stamp may be obtained at the Wilderness Information Center one mile north of SR 20 in Marblemount, the North Cascades Newhalem VC & North Cascades park headquarters in Sedro-Wooley.
Park stamp for Ross Lake NRA
San Juan Island NHP
Park brochure for San Juan Island NHP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park commemorates the peaceful resolution of the 19th century boundary dispute between Great Britain and the United States over the Oregon Country.
Stamp Location: The parks information center is located at 125 Spring St in Friday Harbor, where most ferries enter the island. The two sites, the English Camp and American Camp, are at oposite ends of the island however, but also have a stamp.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Whitman Mission NHS
Park brochure for Whitman Mission NHS
Park Maps
Synopsis: Park preserves the site of Waiilatpu Mission to the Cayuse Indians which also became a way-stop for Oregon Trail pioneers.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in teh visitor center off US 12, 7 miles west of Walla Walla.
Park stamp for Whitman Mission NHS