Popcorn Cereal

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PDFPrintPopcorn transformed into a sweet and milky breakfast cereal! Yield:  varies Ingredients:  Plain popcorn (yellow or white), popped in an air popper (without oil)Sweetener of your choice: sugar, brown sugar, honey, stevia, xylitol, etc.Milk Instructions:  1.Pile a cereal bowl full of popcorn. 2. Add a spoonful of sweetener. 3. Pour… Read more »

Matzo Meal and Cottage Cheese Latkes

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PDFPrintA flavorful patty of matzo meal, eggs, cottage cheese, and onions, fried in shallow oil Yield:  20 latkes Ingredients:  1 1/4 cups cottage cheese3 eggs, separated1 teaspoon salt2 1/4 cups matzo meal (9 ounces)1 large onion, minced1/2 teaspoon sugar3 tablespoons sour cream or plain yogurt or waterground black pepperoil, for… Read more »

Homemade Bagels

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PDFPrintThese home-baked bagels are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and great with cream cheese or butter! Yield:  8-12 bagels Ingredients:  1 1/2 cups warm water (112-115 degrees F)2 tablespoons dry yeast3 tablespoons sugar1 tablespoon salt 4 1/4 cups bread flour8 cups of water, for boiling1 egg white, lightly… Read more »

Homemade Wheat Bread

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PDFPrintA slightly sweet, healthy half-whole-wheat bread — our #1 favorite wheat bread recipe! (Scroll down for instructions on making this a 100% whole wheat loaf!) Yield:  1 loaf Ingredients:  1 cup warm water (110-115 degrees F)1 tablespoon milk2 tablespoons oil2 tablespoons honey2 tablespoons brown sugar1 teaspoon salt1 1/2 cups all-purpose… Read more »