Easy Hikes

Most people enjoy the outdoors and taking hikes in nature but sometimes you just want to take a leisurely walk and be bothered with long strenuous hikes. For some people who may not be in the greatest physical fitness health they want to get out but are not sure where they can go. That’s where this exclusive Guide to Easy Hikes comes into play.

For heavy, out of shape and over weight hikers, we’ve created Guides for hiking gear designed for heavier people. We’ve also created Guides for eBikes for Heavier Riders as well as regular bikes for riders over 350lbs. Hopefully this Guide helps people find easy walks in nature no matter where they are!

Criteria for Easy Hikes

This Guide focuses on hikes that are less than 2 miles round trip and has an elevation change of less than 200′. Most hikes are shorter than that and stay fairly flat but that’s where we draw the line for an easy hike.

If you know an easy hike that should be included on this list, please email Dave Broer at dbroer@lincon.com for consideration to add the hike to this list.