Bikes for riders over 350lbs

If you’re a heavy/obese person looking for a bike, this is listing of bikes for riders over 350lbs. Cycling is a great choice for someone looking to get some exercise as it is easier on your knees and great cardiovascular exercise. Finding a bike that can hold and work for someone 350 or 400lbs but here are some bicycles for riders over 350lbs.

Bicycles designed for heavy riders

Cycling is a great sport and good exercise at the same time but most bikes, especially department store brands, are built cheaply and are not designed for heavy riders. Bikes designed for heavy riders include heavy duty wheels with extra spokes, heavy duty brake systems and pedals. The beefier designs prevent failures that could cause injury. This list was created so that you could find bikes that are designed for heavier riders.

Zize Bikes for riders over 350lbs

Zize Bikes are specifically designed for people over 350lbs and most of their line-up can work for people looking for and ebike or bikes for riders over 350lbs. They can be a little pricey but at least you know you’re getting a quality built bike for heavier riders.

Supersized Comfort Bike
Supersized Comfort Bike

Options for riders over 400lbs start around $1000 for the Supersized Comfort bike and the New Leaf 3.0 which is a little more at $2600.

New Leaf 3.0
New Leaf 3.0

Worksman Cycles

Worksman Cycles is another brand that has many models specifically for riders over 350lbs. Properly equipped and upgraded, their bikes can hold riders up to 480lbs. They are also more economical with some models under $500 which saves on the ole wallet. The bikes are made in the U.S.A. so you know you are getting a quality product.

One model for riders over 350lbs is the Worksman Industrial Bike. This bike at around $400 is one of the most economical options for riders over 350lbs but you’ll need to apply a few upgrades for weights over 400lbs. Combine this with a ebike motor as we suggest in our ebike guide and you can have one of the cheapest ebikes for heavier/overweight riders.

Another option from Worksman Cycles is the Worksman Big Bone Cruiser. It starts around $500 but with proper upgrades it can hold riders up to 480lbs. This makes it an excellent choice for a larger rider looking for a relatively economical bike. Again, it can be combined with an ebike motor conversion kit for cheap ebike for a heavier/overweight riders.


Hopefully this guide has given you some options when looking for a bike for a heavier/overweight rider. If you know of any additional models that should be included on this page, please let us and know and we will be sure to add it!