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Is Watermelon Good for My Dog?

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Yes!  Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients. It is also 92% water; which during hot summer months, helps keep your dog cool. Watermelon seeds and rinds, however, are not good for your dog and could actually cause serious health problems. So please, avoid feeding the seeds or… Read more »

How To Make Gyro Meat

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By Gage Hanson Gyro meat is delicious. The traditional Greek meat is often made with pork in Greece, but here in America is made out of a lamb-beef mixture. Either way, the seasoned meat, coupled with traditional tzatziki sauce and pita wrap, is delicious, but hard to find in small… Read more »

How to Make Cob Smoked Bacon

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If you’ve ever had corn cob smoked bacon you know that it has the best flavor. It’s the old fashioned way of smoking bacon and it’s unfortunate that few places produce cob smoked bacon. The purpose of this Guide is help people that are looking to make their own cob… Read more »

A newbies guide to fishing

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I have a son who has taken an interest in fishing. I haven’t gone fishing years and so there was a slight learning curve and I decided to write a newbies guide to fishing for anyone else who might be interesting going fishing but aren’t really sure where to begin…. Read more »

Simple Budgeting

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Creating a Budgeting | Household Expenses | Debt Payments | Travel Budgeting As a single income family, I’m often asked how we make ends meet. It must surprise people that we can get by on a single income but it’s not that difficult with a few tips and tricks which… Read more »

Sharing Family Memories

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Do you have old home movies and family pictures that are just sitting in a closet? Would you like to share these precious memories with everyone in your family and future generations? Sharing family memories can seem like a daunting task but modern technology can be a simple thing. There… Read more »