North Dakota National Parks

Fort Union Trading Post NHS
Park brochure for Fort Union Trading Post NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Historic site of fur company trading post.
Stamp Location: Visitor center inside fort just off SR 1804, 25 miles southwest of Williston. Open till 8pm in the summer.
Park stamp Fort Union Trading Post NHS
International Peace Garden
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: A garden straddling the U.S./Canadian border symbolizes the peace between our two nations.
Stamp Location: Stamp should be available at the information center, just past the entrance (or they should be able to tell you where it is – Park Office or Gift Shop), in Dunseith.
Park stamp the International Peace Garden
Knife River Indian Villages NHS
Park brochure for Knife River Indian Villages NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: The 1,758 acre site preserves historic and archaelogical remnants of the culture and agricultural lifestyle of the Northern Plains Indians
Stamp Location: The visitor center is a 1/2 mile north of Stanton on CR 37, off SR 200.
Park stamp for the Knife River Indian Villages
Lewis & Clark NHT
Park brochure for Lewis & Clark NHT
Park Map
Synopsis: Trail follows the route of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1804 from St Louis to Pacific Ocean.
Stamp Location: Sites in North Dakota which have the stamp: Fort Union NHS and Knife River Indian Villages. See separate listing for directions. The stamp may also be obtained at the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center in Washburn. See also Oregon, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska for additional stamping locations. Read this listing for a complete list of other VC’s along the trail.
Park stamp for Lewis & Clark NHT
North Country NST
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Trail links outstanding scenic, natural, recreational, historic, and cultural areas in seven of our northern States.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained in North Dakota at Fort Ransom SP in Fort Ransom, at Lake Sakakawea SP adjacent to Garrison Dam 1 mile north of Pick City and at the Sheyenne National Grassland headquarters in Lisbon. See also Michigan, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin for an additional stamp locations.
Park stamp for North Country NST
Theodore Roosevelt NP
Park brochure for Theodore Roosevelt NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects the colorful North Dakota badlands and is home to a variety of plants and animals, including bison, prairie dogs, and elk. Park honors president who established the US Forest Service and signed the 1906 Antiquities Act under which he proclaimed 18 national mounuments (every president after him has also named NM’s), established 5 national parks, 51 wildlife refuges and 150 national forests.
Stamp Location: Stamps are available at the Medora VC in Medora, the Painted Canyon VC (open seasonally) exit 32 off I-94 and at the North Unit VC along US 85, 15 miles south of Watford City.
Park stamp for Theodore Roosevelt NP